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701 Pain-Easing Plaster Can 跌打镇痛膏

701 Pain-Easing Plaster Can 跌打镇痛膏

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【Usage and Dosage】
For external use. Cut the plaster to required size, pull the plaster apart from the separate paper, and apply on a clean and dry area and to attach firmly. Warm up the plaster to make it more easily attachable if the adherence decreases in low temperature. Consult a Chinese medicine practitioner or seek advice from a doctor before the use of this product by children. Avoid contact with the eyes and mucous membranes when in use.
【Main Ingredients】
Gnund Beetle. Kusnezoff Monkshood Root. Nux Vomica,Rhubarb,Zanthoxyli Radix.
Gant Knotweed Rhizome, Borneol, Peppermint 0il.Camphor. Menthol 14 types etc.
Improve blood circulation; relieve bruises and pains. Used for acute and chronic strains, chronic waist, and leg pains.

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