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HUANGMIN Pain Plaster 黄敏伤痛贴

HUANGMIN Pain Plaster 黄敏伤痛贴

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HUANGMIN Pain Plaster (Yuan Hong Wai Shang Tong Tie) 黃敏傷痛貼

Properties】This product is a brownish-yellow flaky viscose paste with a fragrant smell.

[Structural Composition] It is mainly composed of adhesive tape, adhesive and isolation layer. The adhesive is made of mucilage containing far-infrared fine powder and rubber.

[Scope of application] It is suitable for pain caused by bruises, sprains, soft tissue strain, rheumatic pain, neuralgia, and bone and joint degenerative diseases.

[Usage and Dosage] For external use, 1-2 times a day, 6-8 hours each time. Paste one at a time, tear off the adhesive paper, and stick it on affected area on the body.

[Precautions] Pregnant women should use it with caution, those with damaged skin and allergies should not use it; the package should not be used if the package is damaged, and products beyond the shelf life should not be used.


Product Contents: 6 Plasters.

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