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Sheep Milk Five Black Powder 羊奶五黑粉

Sheep Milk Five Black Powder 羊奶五黑粉

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Sheep Milk Five Black Powder 羊奶五黑粉

Packed with a variety of ingredients, this product has a delightful nutty flavor, sweet and sour dried fruits, offering exceptional nutritional value. It can be consumed for a regular breakfast, for weight loss, or during afternoon tea. Simply add boiling water, stir for a few minutes, and enjoy a nutritious breakfast time with your family. For a leisurely afternoon tea, have a cup to drive away fatigue and boost your energy for the rest of the day's work.

This product contains black rice, rye, black beans, black sesame, yam, dairy products, and mulberries.

Warning: The production line also processes products containing pumpkin seeds and almonds, hence, those with allergies should consume with caution.



Net Weight: 500g

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