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Yunnan Baiyao Plaster (5 Patches) 云南白药膏 (5贴装)

Yunnan Baiyao Plaster (5 Patches) 云南白药膏 (5贴装)

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Which concerns is it good for?
✔ Hematoma

✔ Bleeding
✔ Swelling
✔ Cuts
✔ Open wounds

What it is:
Yunnan Paiyao is the best-known household Chinese medicine used to stop bleeding and promote healing from wounds or internal injuries. In it's plaster form, it works great for arthritis, joint soreness, strains, bruises, backaches, sprains, and larger wounds. This plaster is fairly neutral in temperature and can be used for acute injuries, even with swelling or inflammation. It is particularly useful for acute sprains with accumulation of blood and fluids.

Key benefits:
- Helps coagulate bleeding
- Relieves pain and swelling
- Good for small to large areas, patches may be cut and customized
- Safe for dogs and horses

Traditional Chinese medicine benefits:
- Treats blood stasis and pain
- Activates blood circulation
- Reduces swelling

Suggested usage:
- Clean and dry affected area.
- Remove plaster from plastic back label and apply.
- Do not use more than 2 per day.

【雲南白藥膏 (5貼裝)】

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