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Eighteen Flavor Goddess Tea 谯韵堂 十八味女神茶

Eighteen Flavor Goddess Tea 谯韵堂 十八味女神茶

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The Eighteen Goddess Tea is a unique blend of herbal tea made from 18 carefully selected Chinese herbs. It is formulated to provide a range of health benefits, including promoting healthy digestion, boosting energy, soothing the nerves, clearing lung heat, relieve symptoms of menopause, promote blood circulation, regulating menstruation, relieve symptoms of dysmenorrhea, dissolving phlegm, promote body fluids and quenching thirst, can help improve loss of appetite, improve skin pigmentation, and aiding in weight loss.

This tea is caffeine-free and has no added flavorings or preservatives. It has a mild, earthy flavor and is suitable for both hot and cold drinks. The Eighteen Goddess Tea is an excellent way to add a healthy boost to your day.


Net Weight: 250g (50 Teabags)

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