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Dermocure Ointment 戎犇生肌钩膏

Dermocure Ointment 戎犇生肌钩膏

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Dermocure Ointment (Buddha Brand) is a highly effective remedy of skin disorders and overall welness including minor accidents, boils, eczema, abscesses and insect bites.

• Wash the affected area with warm water.
• Apply the ointment to the skin thoroughly 2 times a day, morning and evening.
• If the ointment is applied in between the toes, use a cotton ball between the toes during the day and at night.
• To remove the ointment from the skin, use a solution of baking soda, or black tea (or any tea) solution. Do not use soap and water.

1. While using this ointment on the skin, do not use soap, alcohol, tincture or iodine or sulfur on the skin. These may cause irritation.
2. For external use only.

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