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Muhi Mopiko-S 強力無比膏S 18g

Muhi Mopiko-S 強力無比膏S 18g

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Indications: Itching, insect bites, rash, eczema, hives, miliaria, chilblains, and dermatitis.

Dosage and administrationApply an appropriate amount to the affected area several times per day.

Cautions (1) Please read the package insert before use. (2) Store below 25°C, avoiding direct sunlight. (3) Keep out of the reach of children. (4) For external use only. Do not take orally. (5) MOPIKO-S should be used by persons aged 3 months or older..



注意事項: 1.使用時請先詳细閲讀盒内説明書。2.避免日光直射,貯存在25℃以下。3.请存放在小兒拿不到的地方。4.只供外用,请勿内服。5.本藻的用年龄参考漂追為出生後3個月以上。

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