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Bojenmi Dieter's Tea

Bojenmi Dieter's Tea

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Bojenmi Dieter's Tea contains 50% white tea combined with other Chinese herbs such as hawthorn berry, barley sprouts, indian bread, etc. This tea helps to assists the body in maintaining a healthy bowel function while managing a healthy body weight. It enhances digestion, removes food stagnation, and resolves accumulation of phlegm and moisture, while providing a slight laxative action. Particularly good for those looking for a healthy weight loss option and those with high cholesterol levels. 

The combination of the 12 kinds of medicinal herbs used in this proprietary blend helps to dispel dampness, benefit's the stomach's Qi, supports lowering the cholesterol of the aged, and preventing high blood pressure and heart disorders. 

Ingredients: White Tea Leaves, Chinese Hawthorn, Barley, Indian Bread, Tangerine Peel, Cablin Pachouli, Asian Water Plantain, Medicated Leaven, Adzuki Bean Seed, Radish Seed, Sickle-Pod Senna Seed, Selfheal. 

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