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Multi-Herbal Dandelion Tea 护肝解毒茶 乌龙

Multi-Herbal Dandelion Tea 护肝解毒茶 乌龙

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Multi-Herbal Dandelion Tea is original from a very famous liver nourishing formula designed by Professor Wang Zhi-pu of Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This product is extracted and concentrated using modern scientific methods. It is very helpful in soothing nerves, nourishing liver and improving the liver function.

Pour boiling water over 1-2 tea bags and allow to steep for 15 minutes before drinking.

本品味中医研究院王致谱教授多年研究的护肝方,采用疏肝解郁,理气和胃,利湿化痰的草药,经现代科学方法提取浓缩精制而成。 有助于调理肝功能。

Product Contents: 24 teabags

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