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Cane Sugar Free Banlangen Herbal Tea 金钱牌 无蔗糖板蓝根冲剂

Cane Sugar Free Banlangen Herbal Tea 金钱牌 无蔗糖板蓝根冲剂

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This product is a popular herbal tea in China for reducing internal heat. It is an extract from natural herbs processed with modern technology. This is refresher is suitable for both men and women consumed during all seasons. It is the most recommended anti-viral herb for colds in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is popularly used both to prevent and reduce the severity of the common cold, as well as other viral infections. It inhibits virus absorption to the host cells and plays a role in directly killing pathogenic viruses and regulates the immune system to enhance anti-virus ability.

Ingredients: Isatidis Root, Glucose.

Directions: Oral administration.Dissolve 1-2 bags into warm water 3 times daily. Less than 6 bags within 24 hours

Storage: Keep this product in a cool and dry place

Precaution: Keep this product away from children


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