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Beverage of Ban Lan Gen 葛仙翁-板蓝根

Beverage of Ban Lan Gen 葛仙翁-板蓝根

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Ban Lan Gen or Isatidis Root is the most recommended anti-viral herb for colds in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is popularly used both to prevent and reduce the severity of the common cold, as well as other viral infections. It has the ability to inhibit virus absorption to the host cells—it plays a role in directly killing pathogenic viruses and regulates the immune system to enhance anti-virus ability.

This product chooses Radix Isatidis, or Folium Isatidis, as material. It is refined by the processing ways of modern scientific methods. Suitable for all people and all seasons, it is a cooling drink both for at home and traveling.

Ingredients: White sugar, Radix Isatidis, Folium Isatidis.
Directions: To be taken with boiled water with 1 bag per time, 3 times daily.
Storage Method: Keep sealed up, store in a cool and dry place.


食用方法:开水冲饮,一次1袋,一日3次。                                                                         贮藏方法:密封,存放于阴凉干燥处。

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