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Almond Mushroom (Agaricus Blazei Murrill) - 姬松茸 (jī sōng róng)

Almond Mushroom (Agaricus Blazei Murrill) - 姬松茸 (jī sōng róng)

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Agaricus blazei Murr. (also known as Brazil mushroom) is native to Brazil and Peru. It is a kind of saprophytic fungus that grows in the summer and autumn. It lives in high temperature, humidity and ventilation.

Agaricus blazei has a tender cap, crisp stipe, excellent taste, and 5-7 grams of pure taste; the protein composition includes 18 kinds of amino acids, 8 kinds of essential amino acids essential to the human body, and contains a variety of vitamins and ergosterol. The mannan contained in it is effective in inhibiting tumors (especially ascites cancer), treating hemorrhoids, enhancing energy, and preventing and treating cardiovascular diseases.

姬松茸 Agaricus blazei Murr.(又名巴西蘑菇),原产巴西、秘鲁。它是一种夏秋生长的腐生菌,生活在高温、多湿、通风的



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