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Snow Pear Cough Syrup 葵花 雪梨止咳糖浆

Snow Pear Cough Syrup 葵花 雪梨止咳糖浆

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Functions and Indications: This product is designed to help moisturize the lungs, alleviate coughing, and reduce phlegm. It is suitable for individuals with acute bronchitis, cough, and excessive mucus.

Usage and Dosage: Take orally, 10~15ml once, 5~7.5ml once for children, 3~4 times a day.

Ingredients: Campanulaceae, bitter almonds (stir-fried), peucedanum, aster (steamed), coltsfoot flowers, loquat leaves, pear clear paste. Excipients are sucrose, benzoic acid, ethylparaben.

【性 状】本品为棕红色的黏稠液体;味甜。
【用法用量】口服,一次10~15毫升,小儿一次5~7.5毫升, 一日3~4次。

Product Contents:150ml per bottle

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