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Ma Liu Mie Tea 安溪 马骝搣 16oz

Ma Liu Mie Tea 安溪 马骝搣 16oz

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Ma Liu Mie Tea 安溪 馬騮搣

本茶衝泡方式: 茶具用沸腾的開水衡洗加温后,放入適量之茶葉再以沸水衡泡即可。

Ma Liu Mie is an oolong tea tastes smooth with clean refreshing finish. 

History: The tea that grew wild in the Wuyi Mountains was once so difficult to harvest that it was said only monkeys could gather leaves from such inaccessible mountain cliffs. Tea merchants called their best oolong tea as monkey picked tea to signify its rarity.

Benefits: Ma Liu Mie and other oolong teas can clear mind, reduce fatigue, improve digestion in Chinese medicine. Some studies suggest that oolong tea can lower bad cholesterol levels.

Directions: After the tea is rinsed and warmed with boiling water, add an appropriate amount of tea leaves and brew with boiled water. Amount of tea leaves can be brewed continuously according to personal preference. Flavor is enhanced with a ceramic tea cup.

Storage method: Avoid places with high temperature and humidity or direct sunlight.

Net Weight: 1lb / 16oz / 454g

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