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Triple Leaf Brand Dieter's Green Herbal Tea 东方减肥茶

Triple Leaf Brand Dieter's Green Herbal Tea 东方减肥茶

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Triple Leaf Brand Dieter's Green Herbal Tea 東方減肥茶

Triple Leaf Brand Dieter's Green Herbal Tea is a unique blend prepared according to a traditional Chinese herbal formula The herbs in our formulas are those used in ancient villages of China by Chinese herbalists since approximately 2500 BC. Dieter's Green Herbal Tea uses selected premium Chinese herbs, giving you a delicious caffeine-free beverage together with full herbal benefits. It is a delicious tea that complements a diet program. In addition to this tea, it's recommended eating a well-balanced diet including vegetables, fruits, juices, water and exercising regularly. This tea offers a rich, satisfying taste – either hot or cold.

Note: This tea is not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women, or elderly or sick people.* It is not recommended for use for longer than 7 consecutive days.* Consult your healthcare practitioner if you plan to drink this tea for more than a week or are taking medication or have a medical condition,* This tea contains stimulant laxative herbs.* Due to the unique cleansing effect of the herbs. you may experience extra bowel movements during the first few days of drinking this tea.* If drinking this tea for the first time, brew it weak (light color) or brew I tea bag in 2 cups of hot water for just minute.* Then gradually increase it to the desired strength after several days. 

Net Weight: 33g (20 teabags)

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