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Ho Yan Hor Night Tea Caffeine Free 何人可 晚安凉茶 不含咖啡因

Ho Yan Hor Night Tea Caffeine Free 何人可 晚安凉茶 不含咖啡因

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Way back in 1941, Dr. Ho Kai Cheong, trained in China's Canton Wah Lam National Physicians' School, formulated a unique concoction of 21 specially chosen herbs. This famous Ho Yan Hor herbal tea is now widely known and has been trusted for generations. Ho Yan Hor now introduces a new formula, Night Tea. Morus Alba, commonly known as mulberry leaves, is the main ingredient and originated from China. Ho Yan Hor Night Tea herb is all natural without any trace of preservatives, artificial flavorings and' colorings. It is caffeine free and suitable for drinking at night.

Directions: To prepare tea, brew one teabag in a large cup of hot water for 2 minutes or longer if you desire a stronger brew. Drink this tea warm or cold. There are 12 teabags in one box. 

公元一九四一年,何繼昌博士受訓於中国廣東華南國醫學院時,研發了一種以二十一種草薬混合的飲料。此饮料即為今日遠近馳名世代被受信赖的何人可凉茶。何人可现今推出獨特新配方-晚安凉茶。這晚安凉茶是以產自中国的桑葉(Morus Alba)為主要配方。晚安凉茶是全天然,它不含防腐剂,人造调味品及色素。不含咖啡因,適合晚間飲用。


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