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GOLDEN CHILD Oolong Xiaoke Tea (Blood Sugar Tea) 金童牌 乌龙降糖茶

GOLDEN CHILD Oolong Xiaoke Tea (Blood Sugar Tea) 金童牌 乌龙降糖茶

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GOLDEN CHILD Oolong Xiaoke Tea 金童牌 烏龍降糖茶

Function: Helps to support a healthy circulatory system.

The latest recipe of "Golden Child" brand's sugar-reducing tea is made of white-haired oolong, which is a specialty at the foot of Taimu Mountain, a national tourist attraction, and is mixed with wild ginseng, silver thread, Galla, ciampi tongdou, astragalus, Ophiopogon japonicus, stevia, green fruit pulp, ginseng, pomegranate peel and other dozens of precious plants are refined, and have the functions of nourishing the stomach and promoting body fluid, nourishing qi and strengthening the kidney, moistening the intestines and laxative, relieving restlessness and quenching thirst. Helps the health of the blood circulation system, can eliminate thirst and excessive drinking in diabetics, and is also a good drink for ordinary people.


Product Contents: 24 Tea Bags x 3 grams

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