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Chinese Jin Hao Black Tea 金毫红茶 古树红茶 16oz

Chinese Jin Hao Black Tea 金毫红茶 古树红茶 16oz

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Tea Gife Chinese Jin Hao Black Tea 金毫紅茶 古樹紅茶

Directions: After the tea is rinsed and warmed with boiling water, add an appropriate amount of tea leaves and brew with boiled water. Amount of tea leaves can be brewed continuously according to personal preference. Flavor is enhanced with a ceramic tea cup.

Storage method: Avoid places with high temperature and humidity and direct sunlight.

本茶衝泡方式: 茶具用沸腾的開水衡洗加温后,放入適量之茶葉再以沸水衡泡即可。



Net Weight: 1lb / 16oz / 454g

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