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Joss Paper Ancestral Clothes 100Pcs 祖先衣

Joss Paper Ancestral Clothes 100Pcs 祖先衣

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Joss Paper 100Pcs 祖先衣

  • 適合: 葬禮、祖先生日、清明節、中元節、復活節、清明節、重要節日等。
  • 注意:燒香紙錢時要注意防火安全,祭品燃燒時有少許氣味,請在通風口或室外燃燒。
  • Suitable for: funerals, ancestors' birthdays, Ching Ming Festival, Hungry Ghost Festival, Easter, Ching Ming Festival, important festivals, etc.
  • Joss ancestral clothes commonly burned as offerings to ancestors and to pray for prosperity and good luck.
  • Note: Pay attention to fire safety when burning incense paper money. There is a little smell when the sacrifice is burned, please burn it in the vent or outside.

Content: 100 Pcs

Net Weight: 5.2oz

 Package Dimension: 15(L) x 8.6(W) x 0.18(H) Inch

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