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Joss Paper 90Pcs, 潮州双头金

Joss Paper 90Pcs, 潮州双头金

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Joss Paper 90Pcs, 潮州雙頭金 10件

  • 適合: 葬禮、祖先生日、清明節、中元節、復活節、清明節、重要節日等。
  • 高質量的地獄貨幣。 這些是“地獄銀行票據” 傳統上用於在來世為家人提供金錢和物質。 地獄鈔票只是來世貨幣或精神貨幣。
  • 紙幣被用來為“地獄之神”燃燒,為他們提供金錢上的分心,讓他們離開凡人。 它們通常也被燒毀作為祭祀祖先和祈求繁榮和好運的祭品。
  • 注意:燒香紙錢時要注意防火安全,祭品燃燒時有少許氣味,請在通風口或室外燃燒。
  • Suitable for: funerals, ancestors' birthdays, Ching Ming Festival, Hungry Ghost Festival, Easter, Ching Ming Festival, important festivals, etc.
  • High quality hell currency. These are "hell bank notes" traditionally used to provide money and material goods to family members in the afterlife. Hell money is just afterlife currency or spiritual currency.
  • Paper money was used to burn for the "gods of hell," providing them with a monetary distraction from mortals. They are also commonly burned as offerings to ancestors and to pray for prosperity and good luck.
  • Note: Pay attention to fire safety when burning incense paper money. There is a little smell when the sacrifice is burned, please burn it in the vent or outside.

Content: 90 pcs

Net Weight: 3.2oz

Dimension: 8.4 x 4.1 x 0.3 inch

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