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999 Yangweishu Granules 三九胃泰 养胃舒颗粒

999 Yangweishu Granules 三九胃泰 养胃舒颗粒

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999 Yangweishu Granules 三九胃泰 養胃舒顆粒 10 Sachets

Functions and indications:
nourishing yin and nourishing the stomach. For chronic gastritis, epigastric burning, dull pain.

This product is brownish-yellow to brown granules; sour and sweet.

功能主治: 滋阴养胃。用于慢性胃炎,胃脘灼热,隐隐作痛。

性状: 本品为棕黄色至棕色的颗粒;味酸、甜。

Net Weight: 10 Sachets (3.53 oz)

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