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KING'S Wild American Ginseng Tea 美国野山皇牌花旗蔘茶

KING'S Wild American Ginseng Tea 美国野山皇牌花旗蔘茶

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King's Wild American Ginseng Tea is extracted from 100% high quality Wisconsin grown American ginseng. Lightly sweetened to enhance taste, this instant tea is
perfect for those who want to enjoy health benefits of American Ginseng but don't have time to brew the tea.

Ingredients: 100% Pure American Ginseng Roots and Glucose.

Directions: For hot tea, dissolve the contents of one bag in a cup (4 fl.oz.) of hot water and stir well. For iced tea, dissolve the contents of one bag in 1-2 fl. oz. of
water. Add honey, agave, or sweetener to sweeten the taste if desired. Fill with cold water and ice. For stronger taste or a larger cup, use two bags.

To maintain freshness of tea, store in cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

Net Weight: 100 Teabags (300g/10.58oz)

美國野山皇牌花旗参茶探用優質的純美國威斯康幸州花旗参·其味道甘純,長期飲用具有滋陰補氯,復服固脱,明目益智,健脾盒肺,清除虚火, 降膳固醇,预防糖尿病,安神定魄,誠謂「人間仙草]茶



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