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PoP American Wisconsin Ginseng Root Tea 美國太子牌純正原枝花旗參茶 - 40 Teabags

PoP American Wisconsin Ginseng Root Tea 美國太子牌純正原枝花旗參茶 - 40 Teabags

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Prince of Peace is the #1 selling American Ginseng Root Tea brand in the U.S. It's made of 100% American ginseng root from Wisconsin. Prince of Peace ® American Ginseng Root Tea (panax quinqeufolius) has been carefully selected, processed and packaged for your enjoyment from what is prized as one of the highest valued ginsengs in the world. Ginseng has been known to have many health benefits that help create a balanced system which contributes to relaxation and peace.
Prince of Peace® offers a complete l ne of teas including American Ginseng Root Tea with Honey, American Ginseng Green Tea, American Ginseng Root Tea with Jasmine,
American Ginseng Root Tea with Chrysanthemum and American Ginseng Tea with Rose Hips.

Brewing Instructions: To make tea, pour about 8 fl. oz. boiling water over the ginseng tea bag in cup. Cover the cup and let the tea steep for 3-5 minutes before drinking.
Complete satisfaction guaranteed: All our products contain only pure natural ingredients of high quality for the health & well being of the mankind. The purity, potency, quality and freshness are guaranteed to adhere to our stringent quality assurance standards

Net Contents: 40 Teabags x 1.8g (72g / 2.54 oz)

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