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Shi Qing Nei Jin Cha (30 Teabags) 北京同仁堂-石清内金茶 (30袋)

Shi Qing Nei Jin Cha (30 Teabags) 北京同仁堂-石清内金茶 (30袋)

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[Product name] Shiqing Neijin Tea
[Ingredients list] Coix seed (51%)), cumin seeds, dandelion orange peel, chicken inner gold 5%),
Gardenia (4%), Lemon, Bamboo Leaf, Honeysuckle, Corn Silk, Green Tea
[Drinking method] Take a small packet of this product into a cup, pour in an appropriate amount of boiling water and brew for 3-5 minutes.
[Net content 1150g (5g×30 bags)
[Storage method] Store in a cool and dry place, sealed and stored.
[Reminder] If there are small floating or sedimentary objects during brewing, it is caused by the peeling of the skin of the ingredients. Please drink it with confidence.

【配 料 表】薏苡仁(51%))、积椇子、蒲公英 橘皮、鸡内金 5%)、
[净含量1150g (5g×30袋)
【保 质 期118个月

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