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Triple Leaf Brand Corn-Silk Herbal Tea (Dia Bet Tea) 特性降糖茶

Triple Leaf Brand Corn-Silk Herbal Tea (Dia Bet Tea) 特性降糖茶

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Triple Leaf Brand Corn-Silk Herbal Tea (Dia Bet Tea) 特性降糖茶

Corn-silk, also known as "zea mays", is found inside husks of corn and is a member of the grass family. In traditional Chinese herbology, corn-silk is used as a tea to support quenching thirst.* The ingredients in this tea were part of an ancient traditional Chinese herbal formula used by Lee Se-Zhen from 1518 to 1593. Over centuries of use, this formula has been refined and improved and is still being used as a daily herbal beverage to support quenching thirst.* Recent research indicates it is rich in Vitamin K.*This soothing herbal tea has a refreshing taste and is delicious hot or cold.* To complement this Corn-Silk Herbal Tea and for additional support, drink it together with Triple Leaf Brand Bitter Melon Green Tea, Eucommia Leaf Herbal Tea and/or American Ginseng Tea. *This tea is not recommended together with Lasix Fourosemide.* If you are taking Lasix Fourosemide, consult your healthcare practitioner before drinking this tea.*

Product Contents: 20 Tea Bags

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