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GOLD COINS Chrysmori Beverage Granules (20 bags) - 金钱牌 夏桑菊冲剂 (20包)

GOLD COINS Chrysmori Beverage Granules (20 bags) - 金钱牌 夏桑菊冲剂 (20包)

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This product is made of Selfheal Spike, Mulberry Leaf, Chrysanthemum Flower, using modern technology and scientific processing method. This product is a popular herbal supplement in China and an energizer that helps to clear heat and disperse toxins. It is an ideal drinks for all ages.

Ingredients: Selfheal Spike (Spica Prunella), Mulberry Leaf (Folium Mori), Chrysanthemum Flower (Flos Chrysanthemi), Cane Sugar.

Directions: Place 1 or 2 bags into warm water. 3 times daily. Not to exceed 6 bags within each 24 hours period

Net: 10 grams x 20 bags


[GOLD COINS Xia Sang Ju Chong Ji  金錢牌 夏桑菊沖劑 (10克 x 20包)]


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