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YuCaoTang 2-in-1 Hair Wash Color - 美国御草堂 自然黑泡沫型染发剂 - 最新第三代植物滋润型

YuCaoTang 2-in-1 Hair Wash Color - 美国御草堂 自然黑泡沫型染发剂 - 最新第三代植物滋润型

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YuCaoTang Wash Color - 美国御草堂 自然黑泡沫型染发剂 - 最新第三代植物滋润型
A 2-in-1 hair dye and shampoo. Comes in a variation of 3 colors. 
  • Colors: Natural Black, Dark Brown, and Brown Black
  • Foam delicate color natural
  • Foam hair dye
  • Uniform dyeing and simple operation
  • Polyphyte

Warm reminder:

1. Don't wash your hair two days before you dye it, because the oils on your scalp can better protect it. Be sure to keep your hair dry before use.
2. Please do not bathe or wet your hair during the hair dyeing process.
otherwise it will affect the color. If the room temperature is lower than 20℃, the hair color effect will be seriously affected. Please try not to dye your hair under the cold air of the air conditioner. if the room temperature is too low. it is recommended to heat your hair, and the heating method is not limited to using a hair dryer, electric bath cap or under the bath bar.
3. The final hair dyeing effect is closely related to the hair color before dyeing. hair dyeing temperature and hair dyeing time; The color of damaged hair was faster than that of healthy hair. Damaged hair that is regularly dyed and permed is more likely to take on color. Because the temperature of the temples is low, it is recommended to dye both sides of the hair first, and then dye other parts of the hair; In the middle of the dye process, rub the stained hair again to ensure black hair effect.

Net Weight: 400g



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