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Guangdong Herbal Tea Granules 香雪 广东凉茶颗粒

Guangdong Herbal Tea Granules 香雪 广东凉茶颗粒

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Functions and Indications: Clearing away heat and relieving heat, removing dampness and promoting body fluid.

Usage and Dosage: Take one bag of granules each time, 1-2 times per day. Add hot water into a mug and mix with one bag of the granules. Granules will dissolve. Consume after tea has cooled down and granules have dissolved. 

Ingredients: Gangmei, mountain sesame, five-finger mandarin orange, light bamboo leaves, wood butterfly snails, cloth flow leaves, fire charcoal mother, golden sand rattan, saffron grass, golden waist root, and the auxiliary material is sucrose.

汉语拼音:Guangdong Liangcha Keli

Net Weight: 200g (20 Bags x 10g)

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