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Hericium Oatmeal with Milk 盛阳山 猴头菇牛奶燕麦片

Hericium Oatmeal with Milk 盛阳山 猴头菇牛奶燕麦片

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Hericium Oatmeal with Milk 盛阳山 猴头菇牛奶燕麦片

Contains high-quality Hericium erinaceus, which is widely believed in Asia to have many health benefits, such as improving immunity and helping digestion. Every serving of oatmeal is full of milk, which provides the calcium needed for your bones and teeth, and also makes the oatmeal taste richer. In a busy morning, it only takes a few minutes to prepare a nutritious and delicious breakfast for yourself or your family.

Ingredients: Compound cereal (wheat, corn, soy bean, malt extract, edible salt),oatmeal, Non-dairy creamer, japonica rice powder, rock sugar powder milk powder (≥ 2%), Hericium erinaceus powder (≥ 2%), calcium carbonate.

Directions: Place a few spoonfuls into a cup and pour boiled hot water. Mix with a spoon until fully dissolved in the cup. 

Net Weight: 500g




净含量: 500g

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