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Joss Paper 30 SHEETS 潮州九开大金

Joss Paper 30 SHEETS 潮州九开大金

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  • Suit for: funerals, ancestor birthdays, the Qingming Festival, the Hungry Ghost Festival, Easter, Tomb-sweeping Day, important holidays etc
  • The relatives hoped that the deceased could lead a happy life in the underworld, and they burned the Chinese joss paper money and other paper sacrifices to them.
  • Note: Pay attention to the safety of fire when burning Chinese joss paper money, sacrificial offerings smells a little bit when burning, please burn at vents or outdoors


  1. 不同地方風俗,供奉觀音,佛祖,神像,祈福,還願,法事等..


  1. 注意用火安全,遠離易燃物
  2. 保持空氣流通,並避免在密閉空間內使用
  3. 使用後應洗手

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: Pay attention to fire safety when burning joss paper or incense. There is a little smell when the items are burnt; please burn outside or somewhere with a vent.

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