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宏济堂 Anti-Diarrhea Granules (Meng Tuo Shi San) 蒙脱石散

宏济堂 Anti-Diarrhea Granules (Meng Tuo Shi San) 蒙脱石散

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Meng Tuo Shi San 宏濟堂 蒙脫石散

This product is intended for the relief of acute and chronic diarrhea in adults and children.

Directions: Take one sachet each time, three times a day.

Ingredients: The main ingredient of this product is montmorillonite, each bag contains 3 grams of montmorillonite. Excipients are glucose, aspartame, and vanillin.

Product Contents: 10 Sachets

成份:本品主要成份为蒙脱石,每袋含蒙脱石 3 克。辅料为葡萄糖、阿司帕坦、香兰素。

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