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Osmanthus Flower, Nuts, & Lotus Root Powder (guìhuā jiānguǒ ǒufěn) - 桂花坚果藕粉

Osmanthus Flower, Nuts, & Lotus Root Powder (guìhuā jiānguǒ ǒufěn) - 桂花坚果藕粉

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How to eat: Put about 30g of this product into a bowl or cup, pour in a small amount (about 10ml) of cold water and stir evenly, then add about 150ml of boiling water (about 95℃ and above). Stir until it becomes a paste. It is now edible for consumption.

It is recommended to consume within 30 days after opening, and store in a cool, dry place. This product has sticky and clumping phenomenon after mixing, which is normal. Stir several times. Ready to eat.

Ingredients: lotus root starch (≥68%), raisins, dried cranberries, cashew kernels (≥4%), almonds (≥3%), wolfberry, rock sugar, rose (double red rose), sweet-scented osmanthus (≥3 %)
Allergen Information: Nuts and Nut Products

Net content: 500g

Storage method: Please store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight and high temperature.

食品名称:桂花堅果藕粉 Gui Hua Jian Guo Ou Fen
配料:藕粉(≥68%)、葡萄干、蔓越莓干、腰果仁(≥4%)巴旦木仁(≥3%)、枸杞、冰糖、玫瑰花(重瓣红玫瑰)、桂花 (≥3%)




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