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Pai Shi Ke Li 排石颗粒 无蔗糖 清热利水 通淋排石

Pai Shi Ke Li 排石颗粒 无蔗糖 清热利水 通淋排石

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Pai Shi Granules are sucrose-free and formulated to assist with clearing heat, promoting diuresis, and providing pain relief.

Functions and Indications: Designed to clear heat, promote diuresis, relieve irritability, and discharge stones. It may be beneficial for stone stranguria due to damp heat in the lower burner, characterized by symptoms such as waist and abdominal pain, reduced urination, or hematuria. It may also aid in the management of urinary tract stones with similar symptoms.

Directions: Dissolve one sachet in boiled hot water each time. Consume one packet three times a day.

排石颗粒 无蔗糖 清热利水 通淋排石


Net Weight: 5g x 10 bags

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