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YUNNAN BAIYAO 云南白药 Danxi Yupingfeng Granules 丹溪玉屏风颗粒

YUNNAN BAIYAO 云南白药 Danxi Yupingfeng Granules 丹溪玉屏风颗粒

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YUNNAN BAIYAO Dan Xi Yu Ping Feng Ke Li 雲南白藥 丹溪玉屏風顆粒

Functions and Indications: Replenishing Qi, consolidating the exterior, antiperspirant, used for excessive deficiency and unconsolidation, spontaneous perspiration and sweating, aversion to wind, and pale complexion or physical deficiency susceptible to wind.

Take orally, 1 bag at a time, 2 times a day

Radix Astragalus, Fangfeng, Atractylodes macrocephala, excipients: sucrose, dextrin

成分: 黄耆, 防风, 白术, 辅料为: 蔗糖, 糊精

性状: 本品为土黄色的颗粒, 味甜, 微辛

功能主治: 益气, 固表, 止汗, 用于表虚不固, 自汗恶风 面色光白或体虚易感风邪者

用法用量: 口服, 一次1袋, 一日2次

Net Weight: 90g (15g x 6bags)

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